Laurel Hill County Park, SC.

Laurel Hill Park


Laurel Hill Park is an excellent Hidden Gem located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (Google Map). It’s adjacent to a recreational area with a few baseball fields, football fields, and other playing areas. Tucked in this area is a wooded area with a significant Loop of about 2.6 miles and a few offshoots. You can quickly get over 5 miles in one loop with the offshoots. It takes me about 14 minutes to go around the shortest loop on the bike. I filmed the first-person footage using the GoPro Hero 10 (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Laurel Hill Park Map

The park is gorgeous. It has extensive, well-maintained trails and a variety of different scenery. There are several options for Trails, but I mainly stick to the central Loop. This is a highly desirable place to get a scenic view while hiking, walking, jogging, or mountain biking.

There is a map before you enter, so you can’t get lost I highly recommend taking a photo of it before you go.

Laurel Hill Park Trail Map

On one of the sections, you’ll see a bunch of picnic tables and a giant area just to play. This looks like a great place to take a family for a picnic. I’ve never seen anybody use these picnic tables, though. The land is well-maintained. There is some water along the Route as well to look at.

I’ve ridden this route quite a few times. It seems to be super family-friendly. It’s never overcrowded, either. The parking lot might get crowded because of all the sports playing in the background, but never on the trails. There are not a lot of roots at all, and it’s a pretty level hike/mountain bike ride. It’s not suitable for elevation, but you can exercise in a safe environment. This park technically closes around 8 p.m., but nobody is patrolling, and I’ve ridden past 8 PM without an issue. Just bring your lights. It’s also pet friendly.

The Boy Scouts have the trail marked well, so you can’t get lost. There are a couple of places to stop and relax, which is nice. After rain, some sections get pretty muddy.

The parking lot has a bathroom with running water and electricity. I don’t know if they lock the bathroom, but I would assume so.

If you are in the area or want to get out of the downtown Charleston scene for some scenic views, come check out Laurel Hill Parp. Let me know what you think about it.

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