DIY Blunt Refresher

Mark Gingrass skating a quarter pipe at the DIY Charleston Skatepark

One of the most incredible aspects of the Charleston DIY Skatepark is that it is entirely built and maintained by local skaters. Local skateboarders and other volunteers come together to build and repair the ramps and obstacles, ensuring that the park is always in top condition. This community-driven approach keeps the park in great shape and creates a sense of ownership and pride among the skaters who use it. It’s usually free of debris and trash. Someone must be taking the trash barrels from time to time. They do get packed at times, but they are emptied every so often. It’s kid-friendly. However, it may be best to take young ones early as some of the older skaters drink beers and smoke once in a while. That being said, it’s a super chill vibe with no trouble. However, you should keep an eye out because some homeless folks wander in occasionally. Not to judge them, but I would still lock up valuables.

Welcome to Tour With Mark ( The best place to follow my random adventures. I like to post raw, unedited footage with my GoPro Hero to see the real deal. I’ll try to provide short clips for Tic Tok and impatient ones, but I make no promises.

Blunt Refresher Video

Location & Parking

Use Google Maps or Apple Maps and look for “Palmetto Brewing Company.” Once you find it, you will see a bridge adjacent to the brewing company. Park right under the bridge, and you are golding.

I marked the two areas you can park in the diagram below. The lower P is easier to park at because there are not a lot of divots and holes in the ground. However, walking to the other parking area would be the best to find the DIY Bridge Spot. The lower P has plenty of parking but drive very slowly due to the potholes and unpaved sections. Both parking areas are safe, and law enforcement won’t’ mess with you.

The precise location of the Charleston DIY Skatepark and where to park.

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For the extra savvy, the coordinates are 32.801298 and -79.945893.

Overview of what the Charleston DIY Skateboard Park looks like.